12 Steps to a Staged Kitchen

///12 Steps to a Staged Kitchen

12 Steps to a Staged Kitchen

Your kitchen is a key area for most home buyers, people spend a lot of time in their kitchens and there is truth in the saying ‘kitchens sell houses’. Therefore, it is very important that you have a well staged kitchen area.

Staging your kitchen will help people picture themselves cooking and socializing in your kitchen and could result in a money maker of a sale.

Here are 12 tips to a well staged kitchen

1. Take the time to de-clutter – kitchens are notorious for being full of clutter – remove almost everything from the countertops including bench top appliances, the coffee pot, utensils – this includes cleaning out your cabinets and pantry – remove everything that you don’t need on a daily basis

2. Clean, clean, clean – if this is not done completely and thoroughly it could cost you a sale – pay special attention to the sinks, bench tops, stove and windows

3. Open the curtains and turn on the lights – add lighting if needed

4. Make upgrades if needed – cabinets and countertops will bring you the biggest return on your investment – if replacement is too costly for you. Research companies like Dream Doors who have an online store for made to measure doors and cupboard sets. For a quick transformation a composite granite bench top from Bench Top Transformations are great and they are only approx 1/3 more expensive than formica!

5. If your cabinets are in good condition – consider modernising the handles.

6. If your tapware and light fixtures are original – consider replacing them with a more modern look

7. Paint can do wonders for your home – a fresh coat of paint will take years off the look of your home – but remember to keep it neutral and keep it light

8. Look at your kitchen – what is its most important feature – find it then accentuate it. Make it a focal point.

9. Add some fresh flowers in a properly placed location

10. Remove everything from the front of your refrigerator – no magnets, shopping lists or the kids drawings.

11. Keep your rubbish bin out of sight

12. Clean underneath your sink and add a new board or some shelf paper if needed – this is one area that most people overlook – but everyone WILL look underneath your sink

Look around – is there anything else that needs attention? If so, go ahead and take care of it now, because once a potential buyer sees it – it’s too late. From then on it will be an issue in their minds and it will de-value your home and bring you a lower offer.

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