Buyer Tip #2: Know What You Want – Buyers Wish List

///Buyer Tip #2: Know What You Want – Buyers Wish List

Buyer Tip #2: Know What You Want – Buyers Wish List

I often come across buyers, particularly first home buyers, that have been looking for a long time.  Sometimes as long as 3 years! Surely they can’t like open homes and getting phone calls from North Shore Real Estate Agents that much…

Through experience in dealing with a lot of buyers I have noticed that there is a definite cycle that is followed, and where things are really speeding up for a buyer is, when they get clear on what exactly they want and need.  This make it’s easier and faster to find your next home.

I have tried different things in helping buyers find a property and many of my clients have found it useful to create a ‘Must Have’ vs. ‘Want to Have’ vs ‘Doesn’t Matter’ list.  Then ranking that those points 1-10 on a scale of importance.  This will give you (and your agent!) a clear picture of what actually fit your needs.

After a property fits your needs logically buying is very much an emotional purchase.  This list will help keep your emotions in check to avoid the getting buyers remorse.

To make it easy for you, and so that nothing is forgotten about, I have created a buyers wish list which you can download below.

Download your Buyers Wishlist here

If you have already registered for my Buyers Service, rest assured that I have you in mind and am looking for the perfect home for you! If you do see a property listed with Lcohores that you like, please give me a call and I can arrange a private viewing for you.

If you are yet to register for my Buyers Service you can register here and receive information on properties before they reach the open market.

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