Buyer Tips #3: How to Beat Your Competition to New Listing

///Buyer Tips #3: How to Beat Your Competition to New Listing

Buyer Tips #3: How to Beat Your Competition to New Listing

In a seller’s market like we are in now with a limited supply of properties and more buyers than there are properties, you need to know how to beat the other buyers to the fresh listings. Good properties are selling in the first week, sometimes within a day – depending on the Real Estate Agent (This is not something that I allow for my listings).

Ultimately property is a game of the quick and dead, you can put yourself in a strong position by acting fast and decisive.

Here are four tips you can utilise to put yourself in a powerful position today!

Know what you want

When you know what you want you can shorten the list of properties that you are viewing and you very quickly know when a property comes up if it fits your needs or not. This means that you could get in to view a really good one before the open homes as soon as it hits the market – if the North Shore Real Estate Agent will let you.

Know your prices

When you are looking you need to know your prices, have a good idea on what is selling and for how much. It is much easier if you become an expert in an area that taking a shot gun approach and looking all over Auckland. If you know your prices you will be able to be confident to act quickly when the right one comes up.

Keep an eye out for a post coming up from me in the next few weeks on how to do your research on properties, this will greatly help you with pricing and being confident in an offer you make.

Have a North Shore Real Estate Agent working for you

It’s all good and well knowing what you want and knowing prices but if you don’t know about properties early you will still miss out. If you are serious about buying a home you absolutely must be working with a good North Shore Real Estate Agent, from each company.

Just having the TradeMe alerts set up is not enough, a good Agent will be able to give you the heads up when a property that fits your needs is almost on the market. Even one days advance notice can sometimes be all that you need to beat the competition.

Sometimes properties can be sold without even reaching the market, if you are not getting help from a team of North Shore Real Estate Agent’s you won’t even know about these properties.

While we are on the topic of the North Shore Real Estate Agent, you cannot just leave it up to them to send you properties through. You need to be in regular contact with your team of Real Estate Agent’s preferably via phone 1-2 times a week. In a market like it is now an effective North Shore Real Estate Agent will have countless buyers on their database – I currently have 233 active buyers that are looking right now! And each week that list grows.

You need to stand out to the North Shore Real Estate Agent amongst this, as the saying goes squeaky wheels get oil.

Pull the Trigger

When the opportunity comes up, you need to act on it and act fast. When my fiancé and I brought our current house, we went to the house 2 hours after it went online and didn’t leave until the agreement was signed. Had we left or delayed it would have gone to multiple offer and we may have missed out.

If the house is right, just pull the trigger and make the offer. It might be a little scary at the time but you will be glad that you did when you are living there.

If you are looking for a new home and would like some help, please give me a call on 09 481 0648.

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