The whole idea of the marketing is to get the buyer to the property, to do this it is essential that you market by correctly and use as many means as possible to ensure that you capture everyone.

If you don’t use enough marketing ‘power’ or don’t spread your net wide enough you may not reach your target audience. The more power you add the better – as long as you have the correct target, if you selected the wrong target, you marketing spend is wasted.

Talking to many buyers we have established that buyers are normally looking at between 4-8 properties in a weekend. Sometimes you get people going crazy and looking at 10-15, but that is the exception to your rule.

Simply put, you must be on the buyers open home viewing list. One important point to remember is that it is much easier for the buyer to discount you from their list, than it is for you to get on there.

To capture as much of the market as possible ensure your marketing material is sharp, eye catching and even more importantly engaging.

Which marketing to use?

Keeping the different buyer types in mind, it is essential you use a mixed media campaign. These will include:

  • Printed Advertising – North Shore Times and/or Property Press
  • Website Advertising – and are the main players. Agencies will always have their local and national sites as well.
  • Signboard – Photo signboards are best, people driving or walking past need to see your properties best attributes. You only get one chance to pull these people in.
  • Colour brochures – for people walking past and for delivery to the neighbours.

It’s no secret that all Real Estate companies and Agents will advertise in these places, however whenever a creative skill and service is involved, not all marketing is created equal. It is essential that your North Shore Real Estate Agent is an expert at marketing.

You can see some examples of my marketing creations by looking at some of my recent sales here. I would also be more than happy to go over case studies with you to explain how different campaigns have worked for some of my home owners and the results that we achieved. For more details you can call me on 021 85 84 83 or email