Home Seller Tip #2:The Importance of Property Presentation

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Home Seller Tip #2:The Importance of Property Presentation

Once you have done all the hard work to get a buyer for your property, you want to capitalize on your efforts and hit them with some real WOW factor.

Like with people, a buyer will connect emotionally to a home within seconds, it is imperative that you immediately grab and hold their attention. The way that you do that is in how you present your home.

Property presentation is the first of four crucial parts of how to sell your home for the best price. How you present the home can account for anywhere from 5-10% of the end sale result that you achieve.

A good example of a well presented home, this presentation resulted in 100 groups through the first weekend of open homes and 19 offers!

There are many facets of presentation, you will find a lot of information relating to this on here. There are essentially four parts of the presentation when getting your home ready to sell and ultimately it all comes down to how motivated you are and how much you are prepared to put in.

Basic Presentation

The basic presentation tasks that all home owners must do are: deep cleaning; de-cluttering; de-personalising; ensure there are no nasty smells or dampness; ensuring the home is well organized and tidy for viewings and open homes.

I have been amazed at open homes that I have gone to personally where dishes are stacked in the sink, beds are not made and it looks like a bomb just went off in the lounge.

This basic presentation should be the bare minimum when you are selling your home. If you don’t do this it will cost you thousands of dollars, and take you longer to sell.

Cosmetic Renovations

Cosmetic renovation is often where the ‘cream’ is in getting the maximum sale price.

Basic renovations are activities like changing the carpets and curtains; kitchen and bathroom makeovers; painting; and basic landscaping to increase street appeal.

They are easy and fast to complete, can be done inexpensively and show high returns.

Cosmetic renovations often take some hard work and effort which is why some people don’t like to do it, but try saving the money that you will make from doing the work. If you are really time poor you can normally hire people to complete the tasks for you and still make money doing so.

Major Renovations

Major renovations are normally considered anything that requires a licensed tradesperson to complete and/or council consent approval.

Completing an over-haul in your bathroom and kitchen can be considered a cosmetic renovation depending on the level of work that you are going to complete.

Major renovations can (and do) add considerable value, however you do need to be aware that it is very easy to over capitalize and blow your budget, particularly if the area is in relatively good condition when you begin the works.
When doing renovations always check with the council to see what works require council consent and what ones do not. It is very important to always complete council consents, not doing this will always have a negative impact on property value.

Home staging

Whenever a home is empty you should always home stage the property. Your agent will work closely with the home staging company to ensure that the correct target market is appealed to with the furnishings and décor pieces selected.

Whilst home staging will cost you approximately $2,000 you can expect to get 5-10 times this amount back in the end sale result. Costs and results will vary depending on the value, size and condition of your home.

If you are considering selling and need informed advice on how to gain the maximum sale price for your home, take advantage of my interior design qualification and speak to me about my Property Presentation plan. This is a personalized step by step guide on how to prepare your home for the maximum return. Normally Interior Designers will charge up to $1,000 for this service and I am offering it for free! You can call me to arrange a suitable time on 09 481 0648.

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