The Use of Lines When Presenting Your Home for Sale

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The Use of Lines When Presenting Your Home for Sale

When you are presenting your home for sale you need to be aware of the elements of interior , one of these elements is ‘Lines’.  Lines are generally created by the shapes and objects, but can also be created by negative space.

You need to be aware of your use of lines as they are a very important factor in creating a mood and/or feeling in a room.

The purpose of lines in a room is: to create a feeling of movement of the eyes; give a sense of direction; drawing the attention of the viewer (in our case a buyer) to certain areas or things; divide a space or room; or communicate a feeling.

Straight lines are the most dominant, curved will soften a space. How you emphasise the direction of a line will create different effects and give a different feeling to a room.

Effects of Lines

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines draw the eye upwards, creating a more formal atmosphere and can suggest a feeling of strength, dignity and height.

You will often see vertical lines being empahsised in bookshelves, wall cabinets, vertical blinds and curtains and in exterior architecture.

Notice how the vertical lines of the curtains give the room a sense of height to the eye

Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines draw the eye across and down. They can be used to make a space feeling longer or a restful and more informal feeling.

You will see horizontal lines in venetian blinds, bookshelves, sofas, tabletops, daybeds, coffeetables, ottomans and other long, low pieces of furniture with straight lines.

Diagonal Lines

Notice how the eye is drawn immediately to the bookshelf and the diagonal lines.

Diagonal lines attract a lot of attention and suggest a feeling of movement and direction.

The eye will be drawn to strong diagonal lines, if you do use them in a design ensure that this is your feature point in the room.

Be careful with your use of diagonal lines as too many can create a feeling of unrest.

Curved Lines

Curved lines are feminine and give a softening and graceful effect with a feeling of movement and rhythm. They are great to use to break up a square and straight feeling room.

Be careful of your use of lines, too much of one is not a good thing. If you need help with creating a feeling in a room, take advantage of my free property presentation plans.  Call me to today to discuss the options in more detail, you can reach me on 09 481 0648.

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