Buyer Tip #6: How to Conduct a Property Inspection

///Buyer Tip #6: How to Conduct a Property Inspection

Buyer Tip #6: How to Conduct a Property Inspection

When you are racing around open homes searching for a new home, often things can become a blur. One property starts to look like the other, you forget what you are actually even looking at or looking for!

When I was on the hunt to buy my first property, I looked at 12-14 open homes Saturday and Sunday (each day) for 3 weeks. Strangely enough no agent actually called me back. But if they did, I would have had no idea which property they were even talking about!

By now you should have created a ‘Must Have vs Want to Have’ wish list for your new home.

Your primary reason when you are viewing a property at an open home is firstly to see how it meets your needs against your wish list, at this point do not be overly concerned with the finer details of the building integrity. This is for a thorough inspection by yourself in a private inspection or by a qualified building inspector.

How to keep track of things

You can use the realestate.co.nz smart phone app and use their notes section. Instructions on how to use this can be found on their website here.

Or you could simply use the back of the flyer from the property and scribble notes as you go.

If you are the organised type I have created a Home Viewing check list when you are out looking at properties to mark it against your wish list. When you are weighing up between a few properties in decision making time it can be good to use it then also.

Download your free home viewing checklist here

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