Home Seller Tip #7: Promote Your Home to Sell Quick

///Home Seller Tip #7: Promote Your Home to Sell Quick

Home Seller Tip #7: Promote Your Home to Sell Quick

When you are selling your home it is essential that you combine a ‘mixed media’ marketing campaign. This is to cast your net as wide as possible and ensure that you have done everything that you can to reach all the different buyer types.

Often people will try and scrimp on the marketing because there is a cost involved, this is a fatal mistake. Some agents will recommend a budget marketing campaign, again this is a fatal mistake and will only hurt your sale price.
The essentials to effectively promote your property for the maximum sale price are:

Professional Photography

This is absolutely essential. Photography is soo important, it irks me whenever I see a property promoted with self taken digital camera photos, or even worse with a cell phone. This will cost you thousand of dollars if you do not do it.

Print Advertising

On the North Shore this is covered in either the North Shore Homes or the North Shore Property Press. If the Chinese buyer group is in your target market, it can be a good idea to also go in the Chinese newspaper.

There is a correlation between the size of the adverts and the amount of buyers that come through open homes. I have been told that passive buyers (not actively looking but will jump if the right property comes up) will only connect with ¼ page adverts and above whilst flicking the property press.

Online Advertising

They say that 75-80% of the buyers come from online, I believe that it is actually less than this as buyers are first seeing the property in the paper then going online to look at further information and photos. Regardless, the online world does have a big effect on the marketing.

It is important that the advert is created correctly with correct keyword targeting and headline creation. Feature adverts are also very important.

Photo Signboard

A good photo signboard at the front of the property is very important. Photo selection is very important here, ideally not of the front of the house (can see that already!) nor just of the Agents smiling face…

Print Flyers

Quality printed flyers are important for at open homes and on the signboard for buyers to pick up and take whilst on reconnaissance.

Window Displays

Window displays are another piece of a puzzle, however not an overly effective one. It is a very small percentage of buyers that come from window displays nowdays.

Video Tours

Video tours are an interesting one, they have been hyped up to be the biggest and greatest thing. After tracking the viewings of them, I don’t believe that they are worthwhile at all and don’t recommend using them. They sound nice but are rarely watched by buyers, if at all. Just follow a few listings online and see for yourself.

Ultimately a media campaign needs to be created for each house, some will work better on some websites than others, some will work better in different print publications. It all depends. If you would like to discuss your specific property in detail and how to effectively market that, please feel free to give me a call to discuss on 09 481 0648.

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