How to Stage Your Bathroom

///How to Stage Your Bathroom

How to Stage Your Bathroom

When people name the most important features in a home they often mention kitchens and bathrooms. That is why it is extremely important to present these areas properly.

The bathroom is a very personal place in one’s home and how you handle the process to stage your bathroom needs to be done differently than other rooms. Here are the top four tips for how to stage your bathroom:

Clean Like The Military

You must clean everything. Clean every single nook and cranny you can see and even those you can’t see. Buyers will look everywhere in the bathroom and if your potential buyer sees one speck of “bathroom dirt” this could effect your end result.

You don’t want to give your buyer a ‘dirty’ mental image of the home so that they cannot picture themselves living in your home. This means daily cleaning is a must, particularly just before the open homes. Don’t forget to remove all of the soap scum from your shower door if you have one.

Put Your Stuff Away

You must put away (completely out of site) all personal items i.e. toothbrushes, shavers, soaps, etc. You will also want to make sure that you clean or buy a new toilet bowl brush. Preferably one that is nice and shiny.

Make It Look Pretty

If your bath fixtures (tapwares, mirrors and light fixtures) are old and outdated – replace them with more modern ones, add or replace all handles and knobs. Replace the cabinetry doors if needed. Put some high end quality towels on your towel rack, with some colour to give it an accent, add a matching rug if you like. Make sure everything matches.

One thing that most people do not think about are the toilet seats, if you replace the toilet seats it will make a huge difference to how your bathroom looks. Fresh flowers are a nice touch and will help to soften you bathroom. Additionally, a light fragrance, scented candle or diffuser will help to remove that lived in smell and add a nice pleasant aroma.

Address Any Issues

Look to see if there are any issues which could come up in a building inspection during the sale process. The bathroom is a wet area so some key things to look at are: Any signs of mould spores (the ceiling, tile grout etc); expanded skirting; toilets not fixed to the floor; soft floor boards; etc. Address these issues before the home goes onto the market.

These are some of the key issues that I see come up time and time again and drastically effect the price. If you are thinking of selling and are looking for some personalized advice, give me a call and let my Interior Design knowledge work for you. You can reach me on 021 85 84 83

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