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Auckland Unitary Plan

The Auckland Unitary Plan discussions are well underway now.  This is some of the biggest changes that we have seen to Auckland Regional town planning for a number of years, and may not see another change this significant for many more years to come.

Some of the biggest changes that will have an impact on the residential Real Estate market in Auckland are changes to zoning measures, particularly the intensification in some areas (subdivision and building height) and the ability to convert a single dwelling property into two dwellings.

Some properties are not really effecting by […]

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Auckland Unitary Plan Residential Controls – Mixed Housing Urban zone

When you are looking at the Auckland Unitary Plan zone rules that will impact your property, it is important to check both the controls and the rules. You can see the rules for the Auckland Unitary Plan Zone Rules here.

If you are making important financial decisions based on the Auckland Unitary Plan it is highly recommended that you speak to Town Planning at Auckland City Council or a Registered Surveyor.

Below are the rules from the Unitary plan rule book for the Mixed Housing Urban Zone.

Chapter I: Zone […]

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Why a House Doesn’t Sell

Sometimes when marketing a property the house doesn’t sell and it just sits there and gains little interest. Naturally this is every Real Estate Agents worst nightmare.

I have found that generally if a home doesn’t sell it comes down to one of the Biggest Home Seller Mistakes that I have written about in my free report, actually normally there is a combination of the mistakes that are made.

To boil it all down and simplify things, it really comes down to four key issues with seven move forward strategies.

Why a […]

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How to plan your bathroom renovation

The secret to a successful bathroom renovation is to carefully plan out what needs to be done, what you can do, what you can afford and where you need to bring in qualified tradespeople. It is also important to […]

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How to Stage Your Bathroom

When people name the most important features in a home they often mention kitchens and bathrooms. That is why it is extremely important to present these areas properly.

The bathroom is a very personal place in one’s home and how you handle the process to stage your bathroom needs to be done differently than other rooms. Here are the top four tips for how to stage your bathroom: […]

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Property Negotiation Myths

I come across many myths surrounding negotiations, some of them really do make me laugh. On the inside atleast…
Here are some of the most common ones, just to clear things up.

The vendor will take 20k less than the asking

There is no rule around this. Pricing is a funny one, and it all depends on how accurately the property has been priced. Sometimes the property is Agent priced, sometimes it is vendor priced. Sometimes it is accurate, sometimes it is not.

I have heard of people going by this rule thinking that they are getting […]

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Things to look out for when employing a North Shore Real Estate Agent

If you are in the process of selecting your North Shore Real Estate Agent and have read my questions to ask a Real Estate Agent, there are some key things that you should look out for when employing a North Shore Real Estate Agent.

They quote the property value high in the appraisal

The fatal trap. This is really common and in the industry is called ‘buying the listing’. The mindset is that they will get you listed for 3 months, then after a month start working you down to the real value and still have […]

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Property Negotiation Winning Tactics

When you are negotiating on property there are some tactics that you can use that can make your offer more favourable.

Be flexible on settlement date

Ask the Agent if the vendor has a preferred settlement date. They may need a short settlement date, or they might need a long settlement date. I have seen lower offers, and multiple offers, won purely on the settlement date being more favourable to the vendor.

Putting 3 months or sooner by mutual agreement can be a good way to do this, and communicate to the Agent if you […]

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Buyer Negotiation 101

Negotiation when buying property is a tricky thing. Buyers always want to buy the property for a steal, and sellers want the maximum price. We get that.

From my experience in going through many negotiations, there are some things that are good to do, and some things that will only hamper the process.

The good

Establish your price to yourself early

Work out your top price and your ‘I’d pay it if it meant I got the property price but I wouldn’t tell anyone price’. This helps when it comes down to the wire […]

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Top 7 Questions When Employing a North Shore Real Estate Agent

You don’t employ a North Shore Real Estate Agent very often. When you are employing an Agent there are some key questions that you should be asking to ensure that you select the correct agent. After all this is your prime asset that we are talking about, and as I have written about in my post Select Your Agent Carefully your agent can make, or cost, you up to 10% of your homes value.

I have listed some of the questions that you should be asking a prospective North Shore Real Estate Agent for you below, […]

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