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Buyer Tips #4: Become a Savvy Home Buyer

When you are looking for a new home your time is limited, you need to become an expert at assessing new listings that come onto the market quickly as either fitting your needs or not.

We have found that buyers tend to only have enough time to look seriously at 3-8 properties in a weekend – unless they are in the early stages of looking and are going crazy looking at 8-10 per day in the weekend. If you are still doing this you need to stop, read my post on

Buyer Tips #3: How to Beat Your Competition to New Listing

In a seller’s market like we are in now with a limited supply of properties and more buyers than there are properties, you need to know how to beat the other buyers to the fresh listings. Good properties are selling in the first week, sometimes within a day – depending on the Real Estate Agent (This is not something that I allow for my listings).

Ultimately property is a game of the quick and dead, you can put yourself in a strong position by acting fast and decisive.

Here are four tips you can utilise to […]

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Why Auctions are Good for Buyers

A lot of buyers I come across are scared of auction and don’t like to go to them, often discounting properties that are being marketed by way of Auction. If you are one of these people, you are missing out! Auctions are actually really good to buy at, let me show you why:

Simple process

Buying at auction is a very simple process. You get to know that day if you have brought the property, or not, and you are unconditional. If you are successful – fantastic! If you aren’t, there are plenty more fish in […]

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Buyer Tip #2: Know What You Want – Buyers Wish List

I often come across buyers, particularly first home buyers, that have been looking for a long time.  Sometimes as long as 3 years! Surely they can’t like open homes and getting phone calls from North Shore Real Estate Agents that much…

Through experience in dealing with a lot of buyers I have noticed that there is a definite cycle that is followed, and where things are really speeding up for a buyer is, when they get clear on what exactly they want and need.  This make it’s easier and faster to find your next home.

I […]

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Buyer Tip #1: Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

These days, finding a home in Auckland can be difficult. Prices are continuing to increase and availability is scarce. You need to be as prepared as possible to be in position to make an offer and quickly to secure your dream home.

To be in that position you need to make sure you have an approval from the Bank for your finance.  I have asked Glen McLeod and Jon Purdey of Edge Mortgages to write up a guest post to explain the important things to know regarding obtaining finances.

[box]From Glen and Jon

When obtaining […]

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Strategies for Buying at Auction

Buying at auction can be a nerve racking ordeal, but it doesn’t need to be! Often the reason people don’t like buying at auction is because they are scared of it, but really it’s just that they don’t understand the auction process for property and winning strategies that they can implement. Think about it – who is scared of buying at auction on TradeMe? No one. Most people understand how to operate a TradeMe auction and increase their chances of being successful.

Buying at auction is a little bit of psychological warfare between other buyers, […]

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9 Things Every Buyer Must to Do

I come across often come across buyers that have made the big decision to buy their next dream home.  Problem is it’s not something that is done everyday and it can be a scary and daunting process. It’s also a competitive environment with other buyers in the marketplace, particularly in this current market, which can further add to confusion and make things emotionally charged.

To be successful in today’s marketplace you’re going to need some help. Your first best move is to learn a few inside tricks. Below are 9 key things that buyers need to do:

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Why Have a Northcote Real Estate Agent to Help You Buy a Home?

Today’s home buyers have a big advantage over buyers from a decade ago: the internet. You can search for homes for sale online as well as find pricing data and instructions on how to buy a home. So, why would you possibly want to engage a Northcote real estate agent to help you buy a home?

Here are four surprising and not-so-surprising reasons why engaging a Northcote real estate agent will save you time and money when buying a home:


1. Paperwork

Today’s real estate contracts run […]

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How to be a Smart Home Buyer

Buying a Birkenhead home is both easier and harder these days. Yes, it’s a buyer’s market, which implies that prices are lower, but it also means there are tons of homes for sale that you have to wade through to find your jewel. Purchasing a home is a lot easier when you know how to be a savvy home buyer.

Follow these five tips to get the Birkenhead home of your dreams with less hassle and at a great price:

1. List your home before looking for another home.

Contracts contingent on selling your existing home complicate the buying process and reduce your […]

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