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NZ Herald Article: House buyers win – but suing vendors after auction U-turn costs them $150,000

The Auckland house that was in dispute. Photo / Nick Reed & NZ Herald

This is an interesting case on a number of fronts. It’s good to see the courts enforcing the ruling that a sale at auction (or unconditional sale) is a sale – there is no backing out, by either party.

It’s also good to see a party fronting up and committing to chasing through and going to court. Often the practicalities of enforcing a contract like this don’t stack up, so people let it go. It has cost this couple […]

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What is my take on the current market?

At the moment every one I speak is asking the same question – ‘What is happening with the market?’. We have just had short, and quite sharp, period of uncertainty and to a point a correction of values.

Homes that were selling for $800K – $850K, are now selling for early – mid $700’s. Overall, I am now seeing values around the wider Western North Shore back the levels that they were at around May – June this year. Coincidentally this is also around the time when the new legislative rules were announced by the Reserve Bank […]

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How to Bid at Auction

I was recently interviewed by the NZ Herald on strategies for bidding at Auction.  Below is a copy of the article, with credits to Diana Clement.

It should be noted that every case is very different, and the strategies you should implement can vary depending on the situation and who you are bidding against.

If you do need any help I’d love to hear from you, you can contact me on 021 85 84 83.



How to get the home you want

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Why a House Doesn’t Sell

Sometimes when marketing a property the house doesn’t sell and it just sits there and gains little interest. Naturally this is every Real Estate Agents worst nightmare.

I have found that generally if a home doesn’t sell it comes down to one of the Biggest Home Seller Mistakes that I have written about in my free report, actually normally there is a combination of the mistakes that are made.

To boil it all down and simplify things, it really comes down to four key issues with seven move forward strategies.

Why a […]

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Things to look out for when employing a Real Estate Agent

If you are in the process of selecting your real estate agent there are some key things that you should look out for when it comes to deciding who should market one of your most valuable assets.

They quote the property value high in the appraisal

The fatal trap. This is really common and in the industry is called ‘buying the listing’. The mindset is that they will get you listed for 3 months, then after a month start working you down to the real value and still have 2 months to sell it.

Owners […]

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Property Negotiation Winning Tactics

When you are negotiating on property there are some tactics that you can use that can make your offer more favourable.

Be flexible on settlement date

Ask the Agent if the vendor has a preferred settlement date. They may need a short settlement date, or they might need a long settlement date. I have seen lower offers, and multiple offers, won purely on the settlement date being more favourable to the vendor.

Putting 3 months or sooner by mutual agreement can be a good way to do this, and communicate to the Agent if you […]

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Top 7 Questions When Employing a Real Estate Agent

You don’t employ a Real Estate Agent very often. When you are employing an agent there are some key questions that you should be asking to ensure that you select the correct one. After all, this is your prime asset that we are talking about, and as I have written about in my post Select Your Agent Carefully your agent can make, or cost, you up to 10% of your homes value.

I have listed some of the questions that you should be asking a prospective agent and what you should be looking for in their […]

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Home Seller Tip #9 – Select Your Agent Carefully

Did you know that your selection for your North Shore Real Estate Agent will have an effect of up to 10% of your homes value? Both positively AND negatively. That is a total 20%!

Often I see homes that have been poorly targeted and/or marketed, incorrectly managed and poorly presented. Sometimes I hear of people getting properties for ridiculously low prices, and when I look at them it is either because they are not presented correctly or they are not marketed correctly by the Agent.

Your North Shore Real Estate Agent needs to be a strong communicator […]

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Home Seller Tip #8 Pricing Your Home

Coming to the right price on your property can be one of the most important aspects of achieving a great price. This works weather your market by a ‘No Price’ (Auction or Tender) or a ‘Price’ campaign.

Whichever way you go when you initially list your home you need to know what it is worth, and it is a legal requirement under the REAA that you are provided with a full written assessment, or Comparative Market Analysis.

There are only four ways that you can price a home, they are:

  1. Look at recent comparable sales thoroughly compare […]
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Home Seller Tip #7: Promote Your Home to Sell Quick

When you are selling your home it is essential that you combine a ‘mixed media’ marketing campaign. This is to cast your net as wide as possible and ensure that you have done everything that you can to reach all the different buyer types.

Often people will try and scrimp on the marketing because there is a cost involved, this is a fatal mistake. Some agents will recommend a budget marketing campaign, again this is a fatal mistake and will only hurt your sale price.
The essentials to effectively promote your property for the maximum sale price are:

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