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Home Seller Tip #6: Select The Target Market Correctly

Selecting the correct target market is essential for selling your home. It is even more essential when you are renovating and presenting your home for sale. If you get the target market wrong, it will cost you thousands of dollars. I have witnessed it time and time again.

A prime example of correctly selecting the target market and playing to that is Ben and Libby from the Block (winners from Season 1). Right at the start they clearly identified who their target market was and what they would want. From there everything that they did around their renovation was […]

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Top 4 Facts You Need to Know If You’re Considering Selling Your North Shore Home Privately

Should you try to sell your home on your own as a Private Seller? This is a question that owners often ask themselves when deciding to put their home on the market.

Here are the top 4 facts you need to know if you’re considering selling your North Shore home privately:

The biggest risk in today’s market is under selling

In today’s sellers market the biggest risk that you will sell your home for too little. Prices that would have been fair 2-3 months ago are now cheap.

A good North Shore Real Estate […]

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Home Seller Tip #5: Do I need to use print marketing to sell my home?

A really common question that we get asked is: ‘Is it essential to use print marketing?’

It’s an understandable question especially in today’s online world and with the cost of print marketing ramping up the marketing spend. After all don’t all buyers just look on TradeMe?! And don’t they say that 70% of buyer enquiry comes from online sites?!

It’s really interesting topic of discussion with no real firm answer. But what I can say is that we have found that there is a direct correlation between: the size of your adverts; the amount of internet […]

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What a North Shore Real Estate Agent Has That You Don’t

Selling a home is stressful enough without having to worry about developing marketing strategies, showing the house and dealing with buyers. That’s where a North Shore Real Estate Agent can help.

Your North Shore Real Estate Agent should have extensive experience and training that makes it easier to find the buyer for your home. Using the multitude of tools at their fingertips, real estate professionals reach out to more potential buyers, have access to listing databases and can easily determine a good offer from a bad one.

Without an agent, you could be missing out on […]

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Home Seller Tip #4:The Seven Different Buyer Types

Recently in my post how to market your property to sell I discussed different methods to reach potential buyers. This post flows on from that one and I want to discuss the different buyer types and how the look differently, this will give you a good understanding on why we market how we do.

When you are marketing you need to ensure that you reach all these seven buyer types, if you miss one out you could potentially be missing out on the buyer that will pay the top dollar you are looking for.

These […]

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Should You Sell Your Home Privately?

sell your home privately Before you rush to sell your home privately there are some points to consider carefully

When a home owner decides to sell their home, the thought to sell your home privately often comes up as part of the decision making process. Before you make your decision of whether to sell your home privately or not, there are some things to consider:


The cost of the Agents fees is normally the primary reason that home owners want to sell your […]

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Home Seller Tip #3: How to Market Your Property to Sell

The whole idea of the marketing is to get the buyer to the property, to do this it is essential that you market by correctly and use as many means as possible to ensure that you capture everyone.

If you don’t use enough marketing ‘power’ or don’t spread your net wide enough you may not reach your target audience. The more power you add the better – as long as you have the correct target, if you selected the wrong target, you marketing spend is wasted.

Talking to many buyers we have established that buyers are […]

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How to make a small room seem bigger

As a North Shore Real Estate Agent I don’t think that I have ever heard a buyer say ‘Oh I loved the small spaces of the home so I just had to buy it!’ It is no secret that small spaces can make buyers feel constricted and suffocated, not ideal emotions to feel towards their next home!

A feeling of spaciousness and flow are some of the most desirable factors for an incoming purchaser. Luckily there are ways that we can help to reduce the impact of a small space and give it the illusion of being […]

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Home Seller Tip #2:The Importance of Property Presentation

Once you have done all the hard work to get a buyer for your property, you want to capitalize on your efforts and hit them with some real WOW factor.

Like with people, a buyer will connect emotionally to a home within seconds, it is imperative that you immediately grab and hold their attention. The way that you do that is in how you present your home.

Property presentation is the first of four crucial parts of how to sell your home for the best price. How you present the home can account for anywhere from […]

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Home Seller Tip #1:Know The Current Market Conditions Before You Launch

Like a good boat master will check the conditions prior to sailing, it is imperative that you have a clear and accurate understanding on the current market conditions prior to launching your property onto the market.

The state of the conditions will affect your marketing strategies utilised.  If you use the wrong strategies at the wrong time your sale price will be negatively affected.

Here are some things to consider when taking the market conditions into consideration:

Which Pricing Strategy?

With some properties it can be quite difficult to accurately establish the market price, […]

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