Home Selling Tips

Factors To Help Sell Your Home Fast

The ideal home means different things to different people; but the most appealing home always will possess a clear and clean sense of style. Many of us allow our personal style to get in the way and that can interfere with being able to sell your home fast.

Here are a few simple fixes to help you sell your home fast:

Clutter Control

Every room of the house should be organized so that potential buyers can easily walk through. It can be a headache and an extra burden but think about placing items in storage, especially out-of-season items.

Take a walk around your kitchen […]

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Remove Clutter for Good from Your Northcote Home

How to declutter your Northcote Home

If you’re looking for ways to update your Northcote home, consider ceramic tile. There are myriad ways to implement tile for a new look.

Ceramic tile is the ideal material to use where water is an issue—think the kitchen, bathroom and entrance way of your Northcote home. It’s also the best option where fire is an issue—again the kitchen, fireplace and woodstove. For a durable and classic look, consider these possibilities for ceramic tile in your Northcote home.

Northcote Home

Decluttering makes […]

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7 Easy Steps for Upping Your North Shore Home’s Curb Appeal

As a seller preparing to sell your North Shore home, you may be busily emptying closets and painting walls, but don’t forget about the outside of your house. Home buying is emotional and, like many emotional reactions, it can be heavily impacted by first impressions.

Here are some suggestions on how to encourage love at first sight by increasing the curb appeal of your North Shore home:


1. Tidy up

You may be so used to seeing the crumbling stack of firewood by the garbage cans and the old paint cans by the shed that they fade into the landscape, but potential homeowners […]

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14 Steps to Staging Your Lounge and Entrance

Staging your North Shore Real Estate takes several steps and there are different areas of attention for each part of your home. Let’s talk about staging for your entryway and your lounge room.


Staging Your Entrance Way

1.       Keep your entry open and free of clutter

2.       Make sure you clean away all spider webs or any other nook or cranny that needs attention

3.       Try to make sure that your entry is receiving plenty of light-this keeps it warm and inviting

4.       Get rid of your old worn out welcome mat and buy a new high quality welcome mat


Staging Your Lounge Room

1.       Remove all family […]

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Quick Affordable Decorating On A Budget for your Northcote Home

Looking to make your Northcote home more than a place just to lay your head? If you can’t afford to give your home a posh makeover, there are ways to decorate on a budget and still turn your place into a dream home.

The first placed to start should always be with color. Paint can transform a room and transform your furniture. Once you discover which tones you can live with continue on with small affordable touches to make your house more of a home.

The little things count

If you just want to breathe new life into an old look start by […]

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10 Tips to Create the Illusion of More Space for Northcote Homes

We all know by now we should de-clutter your Northcote Real Estate to make rooms appear larger but who wants to pack away that treasured antique furniture that dear ol’ grandmother gave you?

It might be time to try some decorating tips that will help you make rooms look larger and use your space wiser.


1.Go Vertical

Extend cabinets, wall units and bookshelves to the ceiling; especially the kitchen cabinets.

2.Go Lighter

Paint walls light or use pale colors which make the rooms look wider.

3.Go Brighter

Use recessed lighting, inexpensive wall sconces and standard tube-like skylights instead of table or floor lamps; light closer to the […]

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Emotional Mistakes North Shore Real Estate Sellers Make

More than likely, you’ve cooked dinners, you’ve played games and you’ve made thousands of memories within the personally decorated walls of your home — and now you think you’re ready to move on. No matter the reason for selling your North Shore real estate, getting emotional is normal. However, you need to keep those emotions in check, because they could be detrimental to closing the deal.

Emotional calls constantly get sellers in troubling situations that make them regret their split decisions. A snide remark, too-low offer or renovation request from the buyer can push your buttons, but you need to set […]

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