Increase your Homes Value

/Increase your Homes Value

Home Seller Tip #9 – Select Your Agent Carefully

Did you know that your selection for your North Shore Real Estate Agent will have an effect of up to 10% of your homes value? Both positively AND negatively. That is a total 20%!

Often I see homes that have been poorly targeted and/or marketed, incorrectly managed and poorly presented. Sometimes I hear of people getting properties for ridiculously low prices, and when I look at them it is either because they are not presented correctly or they are not marketed correctly by the Agent.

Your North Shore Real Estate Agent needs to be a strong communicator […]

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Home Seller Tip #8 Pricing Your Home

Coming to the right price on your property can be one of the most important aspects of achieving a great price. This works weather your market by a ‘No Price’ (Auction or Tender) or a ‘Price’ campaign.

Whichever way you go when you initially list your home you need to know what it is worth, and it is a legal requirement under the REAA that you are provided with a full written assessment, or Comparative Market Analysis.

There are only four ways that you can price a home, they are:

  1. Look at recent comparable sales thoroughly compare […]
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Home Seller Tip #7: Promote Your Home to Sell Quick

When you are selling your home it is essential that you combine a ‘mixed media’ marketing campaign. This is to cast your net as wide as possible and ensure that you have done everything that you can to reach all the different buyer types.

Often people will try and scrimp on the marketing because there is a cost involved, this is a fatal mistake. Some agents will recommend a budget marketing campaign, again this is a fatal mistake and will only hurt your sale price.
The essentials to effectively promote your property for the maximum sale price are:

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Home Seller Tip #6: Select The Target Market Correctly

Selecting the correct target market is essential for selling your home. It is even more essential when you are renovating and presenting your home for sale. If you get the target market wrong, it will cost you thousands of dollars. I have witnessed it time and time again.

A prime example of correctly selecting the target market and playing to that is Ben and Libby from the Block (winners from Season 1). Right at the start they clearly identified who their target market was and what they would want. From there everything that they did around their renovation was […]

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Buyer Tip #9: Which Buyer Phase Are You In?

From dealing with thousands of buyers in the process of looking for properties, I have noticed that there are certain phases that a buyer will go through. How long a buyer will stay in any of the phases is completely up to them, it really depends on how long they stay in denial for!

It’s important to be aware of these phases, especially the Danger Phase, to know where you are tracking and what you need to do to move forward.

Naive Phase

This is right at the start when a buyer is first looking […]

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Buyer Tip#8: Know Your Purchasing Costs

In the process of buying a home there are certain costs involved, it’s important that you are aware of these so that you go into the property ‘eye wide open’.
There are standard items that will cost you when you change over property, these are detailed below:


Standard 10 working days service $245
Urgent LIM, guaranteed within 3 working days $345

Property File

Online Delivery (North Shore only) $30

Building Inspection Report

Verbal Report $200
Written report $500-700
Thermal Imagery Report $300-400

Solicitor Conveyancing

Freehold/ Crosslease, 1 mortgage $1000
Unit Title property $100

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Buyer Tip#7: Legal Protection For Buying Property

When you are buying a home you need to know how to legally protect yourself when you make an offer. It’s important to note that an offer is a legally binding contract, you need to have good reason to back out of it you cannot simply just decide you don’t want to go through it anymore.

The Real Estate Agents Authority (or REAA) is a Government led organisation that basically watches over the industry. They publish a sale and purchase guide booklet that informs home sellers and buyers on the ‘ins and outs’ of a sale and purchase agreement. It’s quite […]

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Buyer Tip #6: How to Conduct a Property Inspection

When you are racing around open homes searching for a new home, often things can become a blur. One property starts to look like the other, you forget what you are actually even looking at or looking for!

When I was on the hunt to buy my first property, I looked at 12-14 open homes Saturday and Sunday (each day) for 3 weeks. Strangely enough no agent actually called me back. But if they did, I would have had no idea which property they were even talking about!

By now you should have created a

Top 4 Facts You Need to Know If You’re Considering Selling Your North Shore Home Privately

Should you try to sell your home on your own as a Private Seller? This is a question that owners often ask themselves when deciding to put their home on the market.

Here are the top 4 facts you need to know if you’re considering selling your North Shore home privately:

The biggest risk in today’s market is under selling

In today’s sellers market the biggest risk that you will sell your home for too little. Prices that would have been fair 2-3 months ago are now cheap.

A good North Shore Real Estate […]

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