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NZ Herald Article: House buyers win – but suing vendors after auction U-turn costs them $150,000

The Auckland house that was in dispute. Photo / Nick Reed & NZ Herald

This is an interesting case on a number of fronts. It’s good to see the courts enforcing the ruling that a sale at auction (or unconditional sale) is a sale – there is no backing out, by either party.

It’s also good to see a party fronting up and committing to chasing through and going to court. Often the practicalities of enforcing a contract like this don’t stack up, so people let it go. It has cost this couple […]

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Options for Buyers Negotiating Multiple Offers on North Shore Real Estate

As a buyer, finding the right North Shore real estate and deciding to place an offer can be overwhelming enough without the stress of discovering you’ve entered into a multiple-offer situation. Yes, in this market it is very common to find yourself competing against other buyers.

Purchasing a house is emotional, and when it comes to having to negotiate for your dream house, you need to keep a level head and understand your options. Be prepared for the following scenarios:


The Seller can just accept the best offer

If it’s a property that you absolutely can’t let slip away, you might want to […]

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What to Look for at North Shore Real Estate Open Homes

Open homes for North Shore real estate give you the opportunity to see the possibilities for joy – and despair – in your future home. To make the most of an open house, keep these details in mind:


Consider school systems, travel times, safety, community, and noise levels. It may be the most gorgeous lifestyle block in the world, but if it takes you two hours to get to work, you won’t love it in the long term.

Expensive Problems

While a thorough inspection will turn up any problems, keep an eye out for any obvious problems before you give your heart to […]

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Should You Hire a Property Management Company for Your North Shore Real Estate?

You’ve taken the leap, purchased North Shore real estate as rental property and become a landlord.  Congratulations!  Now, you have to decide who’s going to manage your rental property… you, or a property management company.

Hiring a property management company can be expensive.   To help you determine if that’s the best business decision for you, here are some instances in which you may want to hire a property management company for your North Shore real estate:

  • You have many properties and rental units, and you don’t have time to do it all yourself.
  • You live far away from your rental property.  Many problems […]
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