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Home Seller Tip #2:The Importance of Property Presentation

Once you have done all the hard work to get a buyer for your property, you want to capitalize on your efforts and hit them with some real WOW factor.

Like with people, a buyer will connect emotionally to a home within seconds, it is imperative that you immediately grab and hold their attention. The way that you do that is in how you present your home.

Property presentation is the first of four crucial parts of how to sell your home for the best price. How you present the home can account for anywhere from […]

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Changes to the Sale and Purchase Agreement

Some important changes have taken place to the standard Sale and Purchase Agreement that is written by the Auckland District Law Society.

It is important that you are familiar with these changes when you are either buying or selling North Shore Real Estate.

Below is a very well written article from Denise Marsden of Alexander Dorrington Lawyers, this outlines all the changes and importantly what this means in layman’s terms.

Naturally your North Shore Real Estate Agent will go over any terms and conditions in detail with you when you make, or receive, an offer.

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Factors To Help Sell Your Home Fast

The ideal home means different things to different people; but the most appealing home always will possess a clear and clean sense of style. Many of us allow our personal style to get in the way and that can interfere with being able to sell your home fast.

Here are a few simple fixes to help you sell your home fast:

Clutter Control

Every room of the house should be organized so that potential buyers can easily walk through. It can be a headache and an extra burden but think about placing items in storage, especially out-of-season items.

Take a walk around your kitchen […]

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Strategies for Buying at Auction

Buying at auction can be a nerve racking ordeal, but it doesn’t need to be! Often the reason people don’t like buying at auction is because they are scared of it, but really it’s just that they don’t understand the auction process for property and winning strategies that they can implement. Think about it – who is scared of buying at auction on TradeMe? No one. Most people understand how to operate a TradeMe auction and increase their chances of being successful.

Buying at auction is a little bit of psychological warfare between other buyers, […]

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How to Get the Best from Your Real Estate Agent

Your Real Estate Agent Needs Your Help!

You’ve decided it’s time to sell your North Shore home, and you’re ready to hire a Real Estate Agent to help you through the process. Wise decision!

The North Shore Real Estate Agent you hire wants to provide the very best service for you. Here are several things you can do to help your North Shore real estate agent do the best work for you:

Share your expectations with your Real Estate Agent

Exactly what do you want your Real Estate Agent to do for you? Do you want him or her to provide an […]

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2012 Sales Awards Professionals Group

  • Number 1 Overall Sales Team Award New Zealand
  • Number 1 Overall Sales Agent New Zealand (Chris)
  • Number 1 Overall Sales Team Award Auckland/ Northland Region
  • Number 1 Overall Sales Agent Award Auckland/ Northland Region
  • Top 2% Overall for Number of properties sold in NZ
  • Top 2% for value of properties sold in NZ
  • 250 Million Dollars of Real Estate Sold

Ultimately it is our clients that helped us receive these, so Thank You to everyone that I came across last year. Your support is appreciated!

Professionals Group also announced that together we have contributed $3.5 million to the […]

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Options for Buyers Negotiating Multiple Offers on North Shore Real Estate

As a buyer, finding the right North Shore real estate and deciding to place an offer can be overwhelming enough without the stress of discovering you’ve entered into a multiple-offer situation. Yes, in this market it is very common to find yourself competing against other buyers.

Purchasing a house is emotional, and when it comes to having to negotiate for your dream house, you need to keep a level head and understand your options. Be prepared for the following scenarios:


The Seller can just accept the best offer

If it’s a property that you absolutely can’t let slip away, you might want to […]

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How to Beat Cash Buyers when Purchasing North Shore Homes for Sale

In this market, cash buyers have the advantage and are swooping in on great housing deals to beat out buyers obtaining loans through banks. Sellers are jumping on these offers because the cash is already secured, they don’t have to worry about finances falling through at the last minute, and it can guarantee quick closing dates on their North Shore homes for sale.

While dealing in ready money definitely gives real estate investors an advantage, don’t get discouraged. There are a few guidelines financed buyers can follow to give them a better hand when it comes to beating out competitors that […]

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What to Look for at North Shore Real Estate Open Homes

Open homes for North Shore real estate give you the opportunity to see the possibilities for joy – and despair – in your future home. To make the most of an open house, keep these details in mind:


Consider school systems, travel times, safety, community, and noise levels. It may be the most gorgeous lifestyle block in the world, but if it takes you two hours to get to work, you won’t love it in the long term.

Expensive Problems

While a thorough inspection will turn up any problems, keep an eye out for any obvious problems before you give your heart to […]

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QV Market Update

QV has just released an updated market report stating that the Property Values are on the increase – this is great news!

Below is a graph detailing the residential price index against the 2007 values. The good news is that Auckland is back up to approx 2007 levels. The rest of the country is lacking behind in this, but no doubt they will catch up in time.

You can read the QV article for more in depth commentary here


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