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Should You Help Your Child Buy Birkenhead Real Estate?

With appealingly low home prices and historically low mortgage rates, you know this is an ideal time to buy Birkenhead real estate. What about your adult child who doesn’t have the down payment needed to buy his or her first home? Should you help him or her take advantage of this opportunity?

Many parents are asking themselves this question. I often see first-time buyers receiving help with their down payment from family or friends – typically parents.

If you’re considering this serious […]

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6 Common Mistakes Homebuyers Still Make

Getting a new home is easy but tricky at times.  Many buyers are encountering stumbling blocks en route to their chosen house.  This is because they commit minor mistakes along the way that hinders smooth processing. This can be prevented only if you are familiar with these common mistakes.


1. Having no pre-arrangements with the bank for mortgages before making an offer is the most popular mistake. Communicate with a bank or a mortgage broker to know the price range you are capable of paying and other mortgage details that you need to know.


2. Knowing your exact budget is critical.  Most […]

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Warning to Private Sale Buyers


There is a very real element of risk involved with buying a home privately, that buyers may or may not be aware of.

It is common knowledge that a Real Estate Salesperson is working for a vendor and the vendors interests.

What is often not widely known is the duty of care that we (Real Estate Salespeople) also have to purchasers.


Salespeople have a Responsibilty to Buyers

Under the new Real Estate Agents Act (Professional Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2009 there is the following rule under section 6 – Standards of Professional Conduct:

6.5 A […]

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