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My property presentation seminar is designed for those that are wanting to put their property on the market and need help to learn how to best present their home.  Or, for those whom are not quite ready to sell right now, but are looking to learn more and spend time getting ready for selling their home.  In the past people have come to the seminar when they are 1-3 months away from going on the market, others have been 1-3 years away!

In the seminar I use my qualifications as an Interior Designer to teach you how to prepare and present your home to achieve the maximum sale price, extracting the 10% hidden value from the marketplace.

In selling over 300 properties I have built up an incredible amount of knowledge, and received direct feedback from literally thousands of buyers and sellers. With my Interior Design knowledge and market insights I really know what makes the difference in presenting your home, and importantly what doesn’t!

What topics are covered?

  • Essential presentation tips
  • The key component in presentation that almost no-one does?
  • Where to add value with the highest return
  • The common renovation mistakes and how to avoid them – don’t waste your money!
  • Before and After case studies
  • 5 points that will greatly affect your value – negatively or positively
  • And more!

I like to restrict the numbers at the seminar to keep things intimate and allow for questions. Because of this the numbers are strictly limited and available on a first come first served basis.

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